Color | Ring: The story of a ring

Color | Ring: The story of a ring. We can think of this movie as a discussion about emotions between Zhang Ailing and Ang Lee, a woman and a man about men and women. Zhang Ailing still looks so transparent. Like her other novels, she let the story start from the mahjong table, and finally the mahjong table. Everything seems to have not changed. Wang Jiazhi seems to have never appeared before. Mr. Yi is still quiet and likes to go. The dust has gone like Wang Jiazhi. No, he still remembers her. ‘He thinks that her shadow will always rely on him and comfort him Knock off cartier jewelry. Although she hates him, she finally has strong feelings about him. It is irrelevant, but has feelings. They are original. The relationship between the hunter and the prey, the relationship between the tiger and the scorpion, and ultimately the possession. She was born to be his own person, and death is his ghost.’ The man’s heart is exposed. Zhang Ailing used her experience to analyze a man’s world, calm and true. As a man, Ang Lee does not seem to agree with her. He added a man’s emotion in the movie and weaved an emotional core for Mr. Yi. It seems that this time he really is tempted by her, even though he is such a thing. When he met a lot, he was not wary of her, and he was full of love. The result is the same, but the death of this woman is different. In the movie, Li An tried to strengthen this emotional element. This emotional clue, in addition to the ring, he added other details seems to serve this, his ‘ring’ is large and round, fully presented, when When he returned the ring to Mr. Yi, he said, ‘This is not mine.’ The ring was changed from nothing, from a loose diamond to a ring, from Jiazhi’s hand to Mr. Yi’s hand. The ring will always belong to them both. The ‘ring’ in the novel is just a glimpse of it. It may be just a prop in the climax, just an item that makes a woman stunning, and an illusion that makes a woman faint. For it, a woman has nothing and loses her life. Love and vanity are concentrated on a woman. It can be said that Li An is ideal, and Ailing is cold. Li An has added the ideal MSG to Ai Ling’s reality, making this dish more exciting, more popular and more commercial.

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