Ferragamo’s shoes attract countless movie stars

It is essential for a luxury brand to open up a situation and stick to it. 192, Ben Ferragamo opened a shoe store in good food dock. At that time, the rapid development of the film industry, Ferragamo tried to do everything possible.

Good dishes and celebrities provide shoes. In Cecil B Dill’s classic ten commandments, there are Ferragamo’s Rome sandals. Through good word of mouth, Ferragamo’s shoes attract countless movie stars, and even these stars wear their shoes in their lives. After that, Ferragamo attracted more consumers by its elegant and original style with no two style. Sexy high heels, ladies’ little round heads, mature buckle decorations, and sweet bow ties, the classic elements of these women’s shoes are still in use. The style of customized shoes shifted from luxury jewelry to more emphasis on creativity and modeling. Rumor has it that Greta Garbo ordered 70 pairs of Ferragamo shoes at one time.

However, after the 1929^ Street disaster, Ferragamo was greatly affected and declared bankruptcy in 193 Xiang. Under the helplessness, Ferragamo returned to Italy to concentrate on the development of his home market. Later, he became famous for getting a good notice of Marilyn Monroe.

There is a famous scene in the seven year itch. Marilyn Monroe, a fluttering blonde, stands at the mouth of the subway. It laughs and clutters the flying skirt. When you look at the sexy Nang high heels on your feet, it comes from the hand of Ferragamo. In addition to the screen, Monroe was a loyal fan of Ferragamo, who said to the reporter on the high heels of Ferragamo, “although I don’t know who first invented high heels, all women should thank him. “Ferragamo had designed a pair of high heels for Marilyn? Monroe, a fine crystal of red crystal, which attracted the eyes of countless people at each exhibition and traded at 4200 touch dollars at the London auction in 1999.

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