How can I not cherish my father’s love, tears and tears Knock off cartier jewelry

So the mood of the day was not so happy, and decided to live well. Going home is half… He stubbornly wants to hold my hand and stubbornly asks me to wear the ring that he used to send. I know, he still has concerns in his heart, still… Ring of love I remember when gold was just popular, the price of gold was expensive, and my meager salary only made me daunting about it. However, in the Spring Festival that year, my father sent me a gold ring for a New Year’s gift. My father’s love is a little unprepared. In my memory, my father is not scornful. I regard his taciturn as indifference to me. Even I suspect that I am his biological daughter. I can ride my father’s neck like a child. On, or by his warm big hands holding a walk, not to expect to lie in the daddy’s affection, let me sleep, I don’t dare to expect, my brother and my father seem to have a long river that can’t be seen clearly. I can’t cross it. I just grew up writing the word ‘Dad’ in my heart. I often ignored him and considered his feelings. It was a little dad who called me to his room, let me close my eyes and reach out. My inexplicable fear came to my heart again. ‘Dad, I made mistakes again, and I have to give my brother and my brother a tight skin.’ Learn a lesson, so as not to cause trouble at the beginning of the year), let alone I will work!’ ‘Open your eyes!’ Dad’s words interrupted my thoughts, ‘Ring, Dad, you are ——‘


How can I not cherish my father's love, tears and tears Knock off cartier jewelry


My fear is replaced by doubts, as if I am dreaming of a child, ‘You have stepped into the society and sent you this ring. I hope that your life will shine like gold in the future.’ My tears banned my eyes, right. Dad’s resentment for more than 20 years was suddenly blown away by tears. After a few more years, the ring was on the slogan of the years, and the original brilliance was eclipsed. In a casual chat with my father, I said, ‘If you change the ring that is not dying, it will be dirty. I didn’t look at it at all.’ I forgot my words, but I didn’t feel it. After a few days, my father found me, let me use the ring for him, and gave it to him. I didn’t think much. Two days later, my father gave me a flannel box and said, ‘Look, do you like it?’ My heart is fast, and a solid ring that is much heavier than the original ring is shining towards me. It just rightly surrounded my fingers, as if the pair of daddy that I longed for many years gave me warm hands, and made me feel warm, I suddenly fell into my father’s arms. The economic stimuli developed, the price of gold also plummeted, replaced by a platinum diamond ring, and I also loved the ring as I used to, often remembered to wear Dai Dai, and then put back into the drawer, not long ago, my mother suddenly asked me ‘your dad I didn’t wear the ring that I bought. He asked me yesterday.’ ‘I don’t want to wear it. No one is wearing gold now.’ I don’t care to say, ‘Do you know the origin of this ring? At that time, gold was just popular. Your father looks at the gold jewelry in the village and your girl of the same age. He told me, ‘When you go to work in the city, buy a ring for him!’ Otherwise, people in the city will look down on her. If they are in a bad mood, they will definitely be affected. I don’t agree at the time. You know, your father’s backache, doctors need to buy some supplements and medicines, but that year is not. Willing to buy medicines and supplements, only let me cook two eggs for him, he hopes you can be happy! ‘I listened to my mother’s words for a long time. After that, I put on the ring again and often sent it to the jewelry store for cleaning. I saw that I care for it. Many colleagues thought it was my engagement ring, every seam. At this point, I will be proud to say, ‘This is my father sent me, ‘Love Ring’ I love it.’ The night before, I went home from the company. I was going to work at night, just an order, it was very hot, back. When I got home, I went to wash my face. I saw that my cousin was very surprised to wash my face with toothpaste. She told me to wash my face with toothpaste to decontaminate. I squeezed my face with doubt. I was afraid that the ring would be shaved, and I took it off, and came to the pool. I talked to her and washed it. When I finished, I went back to sleep. I hate that I forgot to take back the ring. I didn’t go to work. I got up very late. When I opened my eyes and looked at my fingers subconsciously,

I suddenly I was stunned. I rushed to the waterside. It turned out to be a blank. I know that anyone who lives in a rented courtyard with ten people coming to the outside world will be jealous. Who is willing to pay it back? But I am not willing, I Don’t believe that people will squat Heart, I wiped my tears, asked about the door-to-door, asked the latest night to sleep, asked the earliest one this morning, but when I asked the last one, I promised that it was, ‘I didn’t see it,’ I lost my soul. The land was swimming in the yard. Those residents saw me like a god. I stood in the yard and cried. I asked for it and gave it back to me! This is my father’s silent love for me. What should I do in the future? Going? For so many years, it’s Dad’s “love ring” that I have the courage to walk through the road and the road! The sun is burning and mercilessly roasting my skin, sweating like beans. And tears are desperately dripping onto the ground, I can’t cry, the scorpion is smoking —— but I can’t take care of it so much, I only pray for the person who licks my ring to do well, poor and poor my parents But —— I finally fell into the vicious sun under the powerlessness. When I woke up, my cousin cried with red eyes. ‘Sister, you want to open it!’ The ring is lost, you can work to earn money and buy it! You lost your heart! Uncle, my aunt knows how much it hurts? ”Yes! Sister, if you lose your ring, you can buy it. But ‘love’ is a circle. If you are short, how do you write ‘love’? ‘My brother sent a text message, ‘Sister, want to open, you want, don’t you have a few hundred dollars?’ Go home, I will buy you.’ I replied to him, ‘Brother!’ If you have no money, you can earn it, but ‘love’ should be written with your heart! ‘I have always hated how can I be so careless. How can I not cherish my father’s love, tears and tears Knock off cartier jewelry, and my heart will resurrect. I hope to get out of the wound vortex as soon as possible and give my love back to my father.’

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