generally high color Knock off cartier jewelry

I have seen a foreign novel before, it seems to be called ‘Necklace’, what country can’t remember. Describes a working-class woman who borrowed a necklace from a friend to attend a dinner party to match her clothes. Friends are richer, take out the jewelry box to let her pick, she picked a necklace with her own clothes, and took it with joy. I feel that such expensive jewelry is worn on my neck and is very expensive. But unfortunate things happened. Although I felt that I was very expensive at the party, I found that the necklace was gone after I went home. I couldn’t find it. But to say that it is necessary to return, there is no way to rush, so I have to go to the market to buy a counterfeit of the same style, and carefully return it to my friends. The friend did not say anything, put it in the jewelry box. But this woman is always worried and uneasy, knowing that it is a fake, she wants to earn money to buy the real thing and give it to her friends, then explain the situation. That necklace is too expensive. She helped people with laundry and odd jobs. It seems that it took many years to buy the necklace. At that time, wrinkles covered her face, too much work made her hair white, and she was shrinking. I got enough money, I bought it, I paid my youth, and I was mentally disturbed. Finally one day, she bought the expensive necklace of the same paragraph to return to her friends and explained the situation. Unexpectedly, my friend said softly: My necklace was originally a fake. The woman was stunned. In fact, many of the jewelry worn by European aristocratic women at that time were fakes, and the real products were rarely worn. For the vanity of that moment, I did pay the most beautiful life in my life, and it was a heavy spiritual burden. No language table. Of course, this is just a novel, but it deeply reflects that people often pay a heavy price for a moment of vanity. The temptation of money and rights is too great. Sometimes people who are very quiet, they will envy what they don’t have, and they want to have expensive items. But this depends on their ability. Too much imaginary items will pollute the mind. Therefore, people always comfort their impetuous heart: quiet and far-reaching, indifferent to Mingzhi. 伶仃 Women seeking luxury, fake necklaces and authentic products, empty years, no price, in exchange for a bitter and overflowing. When he was a self-satisfied person, when the poor was a thousand moments, the mountains crushed the body and smiled. Use necklaces for health care, and there are ancient ones. The importance of the necklace can be seen from the position of the neck. For example, modern medicine sets the neck, neck, shoulders and chest to the ‘V’ area of ​​the human body, which coincides with the traditional Chinese medicine’s understanding of the neck. Through the necklace constantly swinging, it stimulates the major meridians at the neck. Therefore, insisting on wearing a necklace for a long time can achieve the effect of relieving pain. Pearl necklace goes to worry, removes irritability and calms The pearl necklace, with its magnificent color and elegant temperament, is the leader of the necklace family. Mo Ziyun: ‘The moon of Chu is born in the lips.’ The moon is used to describe the pearl, which shows its beauty. As early as in ancient China, pearls became precious jewelry, which was loved by the rulers of the past. In addition to the royal style, the health effect is also one of the reasons. Pearls come from the water, naturally there is ‘water gas’, according to the five elements of the phase, the water can extinguish the fire, the pearl can reduce the fire. In addition, the ‘Compendium of Materia Medica’ states that pearls enter the sputum yin and liver, because the liver hides the soul, so the pearl has the effect of calming the soul and soothe the nerves. In ancient Chinese fetal care books, the ‘pearl and jade-type child-rearing method’ was advocated, which is to let pregnant women wear pearl necklaces when the mood is not stable for three months, so that pregnant women can be calmed. It can also make the children who are produced in the future look good and the skin is delicate, which is to take the ‘outside and internal sense’. The necklace decorated with pearls can not only massage the meridians at the neck, but also long-term friction. The natural substances rich in pearls such as iron, zinc, keratin and so on can be absorbed by the human body, and can be annoying to stop the dryness. The effect is outstanding. Take a string of pearl necklaces, preferably seawater pearls, long-term wear, or play in the leisure time, that can play such a effect. If you use a pearl necklace to massage your facial skin in the morning and evening, you can also have the effect of beauty, skin care and plaque removal. For women who love beauty, it is the best choice for decoration, beauty and health care. So what kind of pearl necklace is the first choice? Keep in mind the essentials of buying: light, slip, big, and color. The gloss is deeper, more transparent, very smooth, the bigger the better, the pearls and pearls are reconciled and the gloss is even, and the pearl necklace has the best health effect. Jade is as gentle as a gentleman, moisturizing the skin and calming Among the necklaces worn by people, the “appearance rate” of jade necklaces is also high. Jade is sought after, because the wearing of jade can temper the temperament, making people feel warm and jade. At the same time, it is also related to the health effects of jade itself. ‘Compendium of Materia Medica’ said that jade has the effect of ‘except for heat in the stomach, relieving boredom, and moistening the heart and lungs’. In daily life, wearing a jade necklace can really protect your health. If you pay attention to it, you will find that the jade necklace is different from other necklaces. Its two unique features make its health care effect even higher. The first difference is that the jade necklace is heavy and will move with the movement of the body. During the process of moving, it will massage the acupuncture points and meridians of the neck and neck, achieve the purpose of activating the meridians and reconciling the yin and yang. Long-term wear will receive the effect of physical fitness. The second difference is that the jade itself has a cooling effect. If you pay attention to the observation, you will find that when the jade necklace is in contact with the body, it feels cold, especially the crystal and other materials. The wearing part of the jade necklace is very close to our head. The theory of Chinese medicine believes that the head is yang and often has a ‘fire’ image, so it should be cold and not hot. If the ‘fire’ of the head is too strong, the jade necklace can lower the fire and keep the mind clear. The method of using jade necklace for health care is simpler. Take a string of jade necklaces and wear them for a long time. When selecting a jade necklace, pay attention to the quality of the beads, and it is better to be uniform. If there are more cracks and flaws, such a jade necklace cannot be used. In addition, wearing a jade necklace is also good for self-cultivation. In ancient China, there was a saying that ‘seeing things and turning things’. To be arrogant, there is ‘sensing’ between people and things. If you always look at ‘beauty jade’, there will be a virtue of a gentleman over time. Strong silver sterilization effect, beautiful and safe to wear If the jade necklace is regarded as a modest gentleman, then the silver necklace is the nobleman in the necklace. A necklace made of silver has a bactericidal function. We all know that the skin of the neck is very delicate, and the active ingredients of silver will penetrate into it. Then the functions of silver, such as ‘an five internal organs, center of mind, and evil spirits’, will play a role in the ‘Compendium of Materia Medica’. Moreover, silver was considered to be the ‘daughter body’ in the past, and the silver necklace can especially highlight the femininity of women. However, it is best for pregnant women to ‘reluctantly cut love’ on silver jewelry. On the one hand, it has an effect on the meridians, on the other hand, there are problems in the radiation. It is precisely because of this that ordinary people should learn a little simple knowledge of identifying silver necklaces, first look at their color, if the color is white, shiny, workmanship, generally high color Knock off cartier jewelry, if it looks yellow, work is rough, It is a silver jewellery with low color and even fake jewellery. Try again on the quality, lightly folded by hand, easy to bend and not easy to break, the color is higher, if it is stiff, the color is lower. Finally, I heard the sound again, throwing the silver necklace from top to bottom, and the bounce is not high, and the ‘buzzling’ sound is a silver necklace with a higher color. If the sound is sharp, most of the color is lower or false. Silver necklace. Health care necklace should be worn long, nursing cervical vertebra sleep A female friend suffered from neurasthenia because of work stress. Every night, you have to toss and turn, you can’t sleep, and you are mentally weak during the day. After seeing her for a while, she was radiant and radiant. Her ‘secret’ turned out to be the shiny gold necklace on her neck. It turns out that this ‘golden necklace’ is not a gold necklace, specifically a gold-plated necklace, and the inside is composed of 7 to 9 small magnetic columns and a silver chain, which has a certain health care effect. Because the necklace beads are very close to the acupuncture points on the neck, including Dazhui, Dingchuan, Fengchi, Fengfu, Shoujing and Tiantu. When a person wears a necklace, the friction between the body and the necklace is equivalent to massaging these acupuncture points, which is naturally beneficial to health. Among the many acupuncture points stimulated by the necklace, choose the important acupuncture points to introduce one or two. Dazhui Point, also known as Bailu Point. Hundreds, quantitative words, describe more. Labor, it is labor, a simple understanding, the blood of the various yang of the human body is like a tireless little bee. Massage this acupoint, can make the blood of the Zhou Xing body run more smoothly, the yin and yang can be reconciled, and the symptoms of neurasthenia can be alleviated naturally. Dazhui points focus on “Anne”, while Fengchi and Fengfu points focus more on “outside”. The wind pool is like a moat of the human body, protecting the human body from external evils such as wind evil.

generally high color Knock off cartier jewelry

The Fengfu Point is the trick to lead the wind, and it is most vulnerable to shocks. By protecting these two acupuncture points, it is possible to effectively avoid chronic cervical spondylosis caused by wind and evil invasion. The health care necklace can be worn for a long time. It is best to wear it for 20 to 25 days every month, and then wear it after 5 to 10 days in the middle. This can be used for a long period of time, which is harmless to the human body. Even a health care necklace is best taken during bathing, lunch breaks, and sleeping, so as not to increase the burden on the neck. At the same time, always use a clean soft cloth to wipe the necklace, not only to maintain the necklace, but also to avoid the neck is contaminated by the bacteria attached to the necklace.

spring Knock off cartier jewelry

Some people have said before that the feelings are dead, and they are old-fashioned. They are holding their hands and walking together to the old. They are sleeping together under one roof. They are accompanied by each other, and they are accompanied by spring Knock off cartier jewelry, summer, autumn and winter. Go through a happy and cumbersome life. Is this the feeling? I don’t know, in fact, my heart is also eager for this kind of life. [ The taste of feelings has been forgotten for a long time, and the scars on the heart are slowly healed. However, it is difficult to love someone again, how to start a new happiness. A person walks on the bluestone road of no one, stepping on the slight melt of residual snow, the sun is hiding in the clouds, and there is no trace of warmth, but the heart is warm, because you are with you. Famous sayings about honesty Gently hold your little hand and look at your smile, the years have left a trace of memory in each other’s eyes, but at this moment only your tenderness in my eyes is light in my smile. They are all emotional losers who have been hurt before. This selection has been hesitated for a long time. For a long time, in the darkness of a theater, you have taken your hand and took the future. I don’t know if I can love this time, I don’t know. I just want to come to a simple love, just like the wind of the clouds, it is a blessing to be with you all the time. The children who used to look at each other are easy to blend together. The name of my brother and sister makes me warm in my heart. I don’t know if your heart is full of warmth. a famous saying about self-confidence Just love it, it’s a fate to walk together. Holding hands every day, the palms are relatively close to each other, watching the wind sing, listening to the rain singing, smelling the sweet-scented osmanthus, picking up snow and snowmen.

spring Knock off cartier jewelry

The previous scene was performed at midnight. Is this feeling? Forgetting how to say love, I will only look at your smile in a silly manner, gently pinch on your cheeks, feel your delicate skin is spreading at my fingertips, and the feeling of happiness has always filled my heart. . I don’t say ‘I love you’, I only hold your hand and walk in the rain. I hold you tightly from time to time, sheltering you from the wind and rain. At that time, your eyes are all in your appearance, covered with umbrellas. Can’t hold all the rain, but warm your palms. At that moment, you leaned on my chest, and the excitement always leaped in the blood. If peach blossoms are the charm of spring, and the narcissus is the beauty of summer, then your smile is my future sunshine, which will keep me going warm. If the rain is a lonely tear, the cold wind is a lost arrogance, then your gentle companionship is a lamp lit up in my lonely world, illuminating my world. I don’t know if there are any tears in the future. Is there any frustration? How much wind and rain is on the way? I just want to sing a love song that is not old, and grow old with you. It’s so simple to love you, in every morning to sunset, in the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, in the 60 seconds of every minute, it is so simple to love you.

How can I not cherish my father’s love, tears and tears Knock off cartier jewelry

So the mood of the day was not so happy, and decided to live well. Going home is half… He stubbornly wants to hold my hand and stubbornly asks me to wear the ring that he used to send. I know, he still has concerns in his heart, still… Ring of love I remember when gold was just popular, the price of gold was expensive, and my meager salary only made me daunting about it. However, in the Spring Festival that year, my father sent me a gold ring for a New Year’s gift. My father’s love is a little unprepared. In my memory, my father is not scornful. I regard his taciturn as indifference to me. Even I suspect that I am his biological daughter. I can ride my father’s neck like a child. On, or by his warm big hands holding a walk, not to expect to lie in the daddy’s affection, let me sleep, I don’t dare to expect, my brother and my father seem to have a long river that can’t be seen clearly. I can’t cross it. I just grew up writing the word ‘Dad’ in my heart. I often ignored him and considered his feelings. It was a little dad who called me to his room, let me close my eyes and reach out. My inexplicable fear came to my heart again. ‘Dad, I made mistakes again, and I have to give my brother and my brother a tight skin.’ Learn a lesson, so as not to cause trouble at the beginning of the year), let alone I will work!’ ‘Open your eyes!’ Dad’s words interrupted my thoughts, ‘Ring, Dad, you are ——‘


How can I not cherish my father's love, tears and tears Knock off cartier jewelry


My fear is replaced by doubts, as if I am dreaming of a child, ‘You have stepped into the society and sent you this ring. I hope that your life will shine like gold in the future.’ My tears banned my eyes, right. Dad’s resentment for more than 20 years was suddenly blown away by tears. After a few more years, the ring was on the slogan of the years, and the original brilliance was eclipsed. In a casual chat with my father, I said, ‘If you change the ring that is not dying, it will be dirty. I didn’t look at it at all.’ I forgot my words, but I didn’t feel it. After a few days, my father found me, let me use the ring for him, and gave it to him. I didn’t think much. Two days later, my father gave me a flannel box and said, ‘Look, do you like it?’ My heart is fast, and a solid ring that is much heavier than the original ring is shining towards me. It just rightly surrounded my fingers, as if the pair of daddy that I longed for many years gave me warm hands, and made me feel warm, I suddenly fell into my father’s arms. The economic stimuli developed, the price of gold also plummeted, replaced by a platinum diamond ring, and I also loved the ring as I used to, often remembered to wear Dai Dai, and then put back into the drawer, not long ago, my mother suddenly asked me ‘your dad I didn’t wear the ring that I bought. He asked me yesterday.’ ‘I don’t want to wear it. No one is wearing gold now.’ I don’t care to say, ‘Do you know the origin of this ring? At that time, gold was just popular. Your father looks at the gold jewelry in the village and your girl of the same age. He told me, ‘When you go to work in the city, buy a ring for him!’ Otherwise, people in the city will look down on her. If they are in a bad mood, they will definitely be affected. I don’t agree at the time. You know, your father’s backache, doctors need to buy some supplements and medicines, but that year is not. Willing to buy medicines and supplements, only let me cook two eggs for him, he hopes you can be happy! ‘I listened to my mother’s words for a long time. After that, I put on the ring again and often sent it to the jewelry store for cleaning. I saw that I care for it. Many colleagues thought it was my engagement ring, every seam. At this point, I will be proud to say, ‘This is my father sent me, ‘Love Ring’ I love it.’ The night before, I went home from the company. I was going to work at night, just an order, it was very hot, back. When I got home, I went to wash my face. I saw that my cousin was very surprised to wash my face with toothpaste. She told me to wash my face with toothpaste to decontaminate. I squeezed my face with doubt. I was afraid that the ring would be shaved, and I took it off, and came to the pool. I talked to her and washed it. When I finished, I went back to sleep. I hate that I forgot to take back the ring. I didn’t go to work. I got up very late. When I opened my eyes and looked at my fingers subconsciously,

I suddenly I was stunned. I rushed to the waterside. It turned out to be a blank. I know that anyone who lives in a rented courtyard with ten people coming to the outside world will be jealous. Who is willing to pay it back? But I am not willing, I Don’t believe that people will squat Heart, I wiped my tears, asked about the door-to-door, asked the latest night to sleep, asked the earliest one this morning, but when I asked the last one, I promised that it was, ‘I didn’t see it,’ I lost my soul. The land was swimming in the yard. Those residents saw me like a god. I stood in the yard and cried. I asked for it and gave it back to me! This is my father’s silent love for me. What should I do in the future? Going? For so many years, it’s Dad’s “love ring” that I have the courage to walk through the road and the road! The sun is burning and mercilessly roasting my skin, sweating like beans. And tears are desperately dripping onto the ground, I can’t cry, the scorpion is smoking —— but I can’t take care of it so much, I only pray for the person who licks my ring to do well, poor and poor my parents But —— I finally fell into the vicious sun under the powerlessness. When I woke up, my cousin cried with red eyes. ‘Sister, you want to open it!’ The ring is lost, you can work to earn money and buy it! You lost your heart! Uncle, my aunt knows how much it hurts? ”Yes! Sister, if you lose your ring, you can buy it. But ‘love’ is a circle. If you are short, how do you write ‘love’? ‘My brother sent a text message, ‘Sister, want to open, you want, don’t you have a few hundred dollars?’ Go home, I will buy you.’ I replied to him, ‘Brother!’ If you have no money, you can earn it, but ‘love’ should be written with your heart! ‘I have always hated how can I be so careless. How can I not cherish my father’s love, tears and tears Knock off cartier jewelry, and my heart will resurrect. I hope to get out of the wound vortex as soon as possible and give my love back to my father.’

Others often ask where this slightly different good-looking bracelet comes from Knock off cartier jewelry

Chatting with a woman, she has a long hair, a simple dress, and when she talks and gestures, the ring on her finger has been glaring. It was a simple ring, a deep red gemstone and a silver bottom. I admire that this ring is really beautiful. The girl smiled and said that this is a family-made ring, given by the mother. She took off the ring and showed it to me. I put it on my hand. It was a good thing to look at the past. There was a gentle and simple style after being washed by time and emotion. This ring makes her whole person look very honorable. It is that feeling. After a woman is getting older, she should have some jewelry. More suitable is the jewellery of some traditional textures, which looks graceful and generous. Even if you give it to others, you will be fully confident. At a certain time, women should have such a sigh of relief, good quality clothes, two or three noble jewels, and a self-reliant heart. Gradually change some of the characteristics of a girl: loves coquetry, has illusions about men, wears cheap and fancy clothes, and wears fake jewelry. My first nephrite bracelet was a birthday present in the first love period. It broke without any reason, and love ended. I also bought two bracelets in the temple, touched together and broke one. I bought two of them in Yunnan, but I was just white and light. When I bought it, I just wore it on my wrist and suddenly it was broken. Therefore, jade is very strange, it is born with a violent mood, mysterious. Jade is a jade that can only be worn when it grows up.


 Others often ask where this slightly different good-looking bracelet comes from Knock off cartier jewelry

The warmth and violentness of jade does not belong to a girl. It requires a person to have some qualifications to be close to it. Jackie from Hong Kong came to sign a movie contract with me. I went to the hotel where she lived. She sent me a necklace with a golden brass bell. The red silk was soaked with sweat. It was bought when she went to Nepal and had already worn it. time. Because it is an old thing, it is tainted with the history of others, which makes me happy. I often wear it when wearing a white cotton shirt. A ring from a mother is a 1970s style. At that time, the inlaid treasure ring was popular, and few people have worn it now. Old-style ring, dark red oval gemstone, the color of the gold bottom has become dull and generous. Unlike the current ring, which likes to be polished, the gloss is flamboyant and looks stiff. It used to be worn by a young mother and only felt happy. How lucky it is for a daughter to get her mother’s jewelry. I think the popular diamonds and platinum lack a temperament. The style of the new jewellery is not as dignified as before. In Dali, I saw a local minority woman wearing a thick silver bracelet on her hand, with a simple style and carving ancient lines. After I bought it from her hand, I saw her name on the back. I re-polished, replaced the name, and kept it in my hand, it has been a few years. Others often ask where this slightly different good-looking bracelet comes from Knock off cartier jewelry. Women need to be favored by men, this is nature. But if no one gives precious jewelry, you should buy a few. The so-called thing that can press the bottom of the box is a self-confidence and calmness that gradually precipitates with age. Botanical woman Pick up a woman in the cafe. Dressed in dark, wearing a pair of red sneakers, black turtleneck sweater, gray-black cotton scarf. The face is very thin, the outline is clean, and there is almost no trace of silk makeup. At first glance, it is a little embarrassing. After careful reading, there is a beauty of beauty. The eyebrows are black and powerful, the eyes are gentle, and the hair is tied behind the head to reveal the forehead. What is unforgettable is her smile, her eyes are bent and so warm. She did not care for her beautiful smile, so that this smile is like the sun, shining on the face of the stranger at the beginning of the meeting, it is awesome. The definition of a beautiful woman is that if she walks into the crowd, as if she is independent, the sudden existence will make others feel the air change immediately. When ordinary people walk into the crowd, they see water droplets coming into the ocean without seeing traces. This definition is inevitably paranoid, but it is very clear and has nothing to do with the five senses. Plant-like people are good-looking. They experience a unique, but what they say and do, there is no exaggeration. Treat people with sincerity and truth, there is a kind of rough elegance. Their outlook on life is open and firm, self-contained, and there is not much to do with the world. The girl is as innocent as a wall of roses, and it is the spring of the world. The woman after maturity should be quiet when approaching the tree. Their existence is a boon to the living world. They are rare and precious.

Ferragamo’s shoes attract countless movie stars

It is essential for a luxury brand to open up a situation and stick to it. 192, Ben Ferragamo opened a shoe store in good food dock. At that time, the rapid development of the film industry, Ferragamo tried to do everything possible.

Good dishes and celebrities provide shoes. In Cecil B Dill’s classic ten commandments, there are Ferragamo’s Rome sandals. Through good word of mouth, Ferragamo’s shoes attract countless movie stars, and even these stars wear their shoes in their lives. After that, Ferragamo attracted more consumers by its elegant and original style with no two style. Sexy high heels, ladies’ little round heads, mature buckle decorations, and sweet bow ties, the classic elements of these women’s shoes are still in use. The style of customized shoes shifted from luxury jewelry to more emphasis on creativity and modeling. Rumor has it that Greta Garbo ordered 70 pairs of Ferragamo shoes at one time.

However, after the 1929^ Street disaster, Ferragamo was greatly affected and declared bankruptcy in 193 Xiang. Under the helplessness, Ferragamo returned to Italy to concentrate on the development of his home market. Later, he became famous for getting a good notice of Marilyn Monroe.

There is a famous scene in the seven year itch. Marilyn Monroe, a fluttering blonde, stands at the mouth of the subway. It laughs and clutters the flying skirt. When you look at the sexy Nang high heels on your feet, it comes from the hand of Ferragamo. In addition to the screen, Monroe was a loyal fan of Ferragamo, who said to the reporter on the high heels of Ferragamo, “although I don’t know who first invented high heels, all women should thank him. “Ferragamo had designed a pair of high heels for Marilyn? Monroe, a fine crystal of red crystal, which attracted the eyes of countless people at each exhibition and traded at 4200 touch dollars at the London auction in 1999.

the shoes that pass through the hands of Cartier

The story of the Cartier family began in the Italy Peninsula, the background of the movie “new realism”. In the 189 tier, Salvatore Cartier was born in a large family with a large number of children in Italy, ranking 11 in 14 frigates. Because of his poor family, Cartier has become an apprentice for shoes since his childhood, making money for this huge family.

Take home. In the year of Italy, shoemaker was one of the most humble jobs. Who could have imagined that this little boy would be the founder of the luxury brand of Italy footwear industry?

Cartier has been a good shoe in his childhood and worked for others. When he was 1, he made the first pair of tailored shoes, and had his own shops and customers, which made him very excited. In the 191 Dynasty, Cartier came to the United States and started to build a shoe store with brothers and sisters. They do not use modernized sheds in their shops. They make shoes completely by hand. They strive to be perfect from the details to the rustle. All the iJJ page guests are amazed at all the shoes that pass through the hands of Cartier . In 1917, Cartier made his first pair of sandals, subverting the previously sealed shoe design. It was epoch-making, and the women’s feet were liberated from the layers of bags. The creation even rose to the height of women’s liberation.