the shoes that pass through the hands of Cartier

The story of the Cartier family began in the Italy Peninsula, the background of the movie “new realism”. In the 189 tier, Salvatore Cartier was born in a large family with a large number of children in Italy, ranking 11 in 14 frigates. Because of his poor family, Cartier has become an apprentice for shoes since his childhood, making money for this huge family.

Take home. In the year of Italy, shoemaker was one of the most humble jobs. Who could have imagined that this little boy would be the founder of the luxury brand of Italy footwear industry?

Cartier has been a good shoe in his childhood and worked for others. When he was 1, he made the first pair of tailored shoes, and had his own shops and customers, which made him very excited. In the 191 Dynasty, Cartier came to the United States and started to build a shoe store with brothers and sisters. They do not use modernized sheds in their shops. They make shoes completely by hand. They strive to be perfect from the details to the rustle. All the iJJ page guests are amazed at all the shoes that pass through the hands of Cartier . In 1917, Cartier made his first pair of sandals, subverting the previously sealed shoe design. It was epoch-making, and the women’s feet were liberated from the layers of bags. The creation even rose to the height of women’s liberation.

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